New rom for Samsung galaxy s advance ( s4 rom with no lags )


Presents new rom for galaxy s advance 

S4 rom named light jb..

This will solve your all bugs and all lags .And give you feeling of galaxy s4 ; )
ROM Features:

1. Based on LQ4 compatible with LQB

2. 4cyl Turbo mod

3. Fully debloaded

4. Deodexed

5. Zipaligned

6. S4 weather widget

7. S-voice

8. S4 wallpapers built into the stock wallpaper choose

r9. Some S4 icons

10. No-limit mms/sms

11. S4 ringtones

12. 50% Transparent status bar

13. Bootanimation

14. Trip advisor app from S4

15. New Camera UI

16. Settings in white

17. build.prop modified

Samsung galaxy s4 rom 

  Download here ( updated) 

HOW TO INSTALL: ( how to root go here

                                            (    for cwm go here)

1. put the zip file on the SD card

2. Root install cwm    

3 Go to cwm

. wipe data, wipe cache, wipe dalvik-cache, wipe system

4. install the zip file:    PURE JELLY :




  1. can't able to download..
    and can please describe installing more briefly..
    thanks in advance

  2. Yup definately like our new fb page first..
    Then click on the link download here above

    1. it opens this page and nothing is downloading...

    2. This is Now u will see skip option in right side skip this ... U wi see download link

    3. ya i know that but that page is blank no skip option just white page..nothing else

    4. Are u opening wid mobile or pc

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. This is Now u will see skip option in right side skip this ... U wi see download link

    1. hello sir im also download the above file ,please help me,

  4. i havent tryed it yet but thanks in advance on behalf of my s advance, jaust a small questin do i need a rooted phone if so can u please give me some info on how to safely root and un root my s advance , thanks

  5. Hey u can find rooting in this blog

    1. thanks but what about download liink

    2. thanks a lot , im still little scared but im gona do this , thanks again. im kind of new in this flashin the phone thing but i have been following u, i have falshed my phone few times no and my binary count is now 6 can u please help me reset it.

    3. Why u wanna reset it... Leave it as it is it dont... Affect your phone ... Or if u want i will write a tutorial soon

  6. Hey u can find rooting in this blog

    1. Can u put a video of installing this rom

  7. I've downloaded and installed this rom today! Its just awsome no lags, no bugs everything just runs so smooth :) I thank from my bottom of heart too all developers who have contributed to this rom, root and CWM and special thanks to sadvance blogspot

    I'm loving it....... <3

  8. there is no wipe system bottum in cwm,is it the format system one?

  9. Hi Vaibhav,
    This may be a repeated a million time question to you but pardon as I'm a newbie in this domain.
    My concern is to eradicate the lag on my S Advance which has the latest JB update introduced by Samsung. If you have a standard procedure to fix this, a lil elaborate one please let me know. My email is


  10. Hi Vaibhav
    can this s4 rom be flashed using TWRP Recovery

  11. Video lagging on this rom please help m...

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